Building ChucK(JS) with Gradle

As part of my work to port the ChucK music programming language to JavaScript, via the Emscripten C++ to JavaScript compiler, I’ve implemented a Gradle build script for it (instead of the original Makefile). Aside from my working for Gradle, I think it’s a great choice for this kind of polyglot project, where both native […]

How to Access Real DOM Nodes with Mercury/Virtual-DOM, Part 2

In the time since my first post on accessing non-virtual DOM nodes with Mercury/virtual-dom, I’ve learnt that my approach wasn’t as sound as I initially thought. The creator of Mercury, Jake Verbaten, let me know that virtual-dom hooks should only modify node attributes, otherwise the behaviour will be undefined (“innerHTML in hooks breaks the tree […]

Uploading Resized Pictures to S3 in Meteor Application

I am facing the need to upload pictures to Amazon S3 in my Meteor application, MuzHack. The pictures must be resized before storing in S3, and there’s the option of doing this either on my server or in the client. I have elected to go with the latter for now, since it’s simple and doesn’t […]

How to Access Real DOM Nodes with Mercury/virtual-dom

At work, we are using the Mercury JavaScript UI library, which is a more functional alternative to React (at least this is my understanding of it). It is also highly modular, in that it’s simply composed from several independent libraries (such as virtual-dom). Like React, Mercury hides the browser DOM behind a virtual model, to […]

How to Set Page Title Dynamically with Meteor, Iron Router and SEO

In my Meteor-based project MusitechHub, I recently had to figure out how to set page title dynamically for certain pages. I’m using Iron Router to implement routing in the application, which laid the premise for the solution. I gathered from the #meteor channel on IRC that I could base my solution on Manuel Schoebel’s SEO […]