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Installing Elasticsearch/Kibana 5.5 within Kubernetes cluster on AWS

Installing Elasticsearch/Kibana 5.5 within Kubernetes cluster on AWS

In my previous blog post I showed how to use the Kops tool to create a production ready Kubernetes cluster on Amazon Web Services (AWS). In this follow-up post I will show how to install Elasticsearch and its graphical counterpart Kibana in the cluster, in order to be able to collect and store logs from […]

Creating a Highly Available Secured Kubernetes Cluster on AWS with Kops

Creating a Highly Available Secured Kubernetes Cluster on AWS with Kops

Today I will be talking about Kops, which is an official tool for creating Kubernetes clusters on AWS, with support for GCE and VMware vSphere in alpha. It takes a whole lot of the pain out of setting up a Kubernetes cluster yourself, but still presents many challenges to overcome and a great degree of […]

Route Handling Framework for Choo

I’ve made a complementary route handling framework for Yoshua Wuyts’ JavaScript SPA (Single Page Application) framework Choo: choo-routehandler. For those unfamiliar with Choo, it’s a view framework similar to React and Marko, although with a strong focus on simplicity and hackability and working directly with the DOM instead of a virtual DOM (unlike React). Basically, […]

Event Catalogue for Berlin Released

I’m finally ready to share what I’ve been working on for the last few months, an online catalogue of underground cultural events in the city of Berlin: Experimental Berlin. My best effort to date I think! For this project I’ve been using Yoshua Wuyts’ excellent JavaScript framework Choo.

Maintainership of html-to-react

I’m happy to announce that I’ve taken over maintainership of the popular NPM package html-to-react, which currently has about 3600 downloads per month. This package has the ability to translate HTML markup into a React DOM structure. An example should give you an idea of what html-to-react brings to the table: var React = require(‘react’); […]

Zero Downtime Docker Deployment with Amazon ECS

Earlier, I wrote about zero downtime docker deployment with Tutum. I have recently started experimenting with Amazon ECS (EC2 Container Service), which is Amazon’s offering for the orchestration of Docker containers (and thus a competitor to Tutum). I don’t have a lot of experience with ECS yet, but it looks pretty solid so far. I […]

Uploading Files to Amazon S3 Directly from the Web Browser

Amazon S3 is at the time of writing the premier file storage service, and as such an excellent choice for storing files from your Web application. What if I were to tell you these files never need to touch your application servers though? The thing to be aware of is that the S3 API allows […]