Experimental Berlin Mentioned in The Guardian

My project Experimental Berlin received a nice mention in British newspaper The Guardian!

Official Elasticsearch/Fluentd/Kibana Add-On for Kubernetes updated to 5.5

My pull request for updating the official Elasticsearch/Fluentd/Kibana logging add-on for Kubernetes to version 5.5.1 of Elasticsearch and Kibana was recently approved and merged into the master branch! Users of the popular EFK/ELK stack can now enjoy the latest version with their Kubernetes clusters!

MuzHack has a blog

MuzHack now has its own blog!

MuzHack featured in Electronic Beats

Electronic Beats Magazine did a quick writeup on my MuzHack project. Nice that people are paying attention!

Help Functionality Added to MuzHack’s Markdown editors

Markdown Help

The Markdown editors in MuzHack are now sporting a help button, to display documentation about the supported Markdown syntax. Early user feedback suggested this was a much desired feature, as many users aren’t familiar with the Markdown syntax.

MuzHack Has a Forum

I have just started a forum for MuzHack, based on the amazing Discourse. Stay tuned for useful content.

MuzHack Is in Production

For some months now I have been developing MuzHack, a platform for makers of music hardware to publish their designs. I’m pleased to say it’s finally in production! The project is in collaboration with the Norwegian music sound research center Notam. My hope is it will spark inspiration between independent hardware developers, similar to how […]