Arve Knudsen

Arve Knudsen

Zero Downtime Docker Deployment with Tutum

In this post I will detail how to achieve (almost) zero downtime deployment of Docker containers with the Tutum Docker hosting service. Tutum is a service that really simplifies deploying with Docker, and it even has special facilities for enabling zero downtime deployment, i.e. the Tutum team has a version of HAProxy that can switch […]

Help Functionality Added to MuzHack’s Markdown editors

Markdown Help

The Markdown editors in MuzHack are now sporting a help button, to display documentation about the supported Markdown syntax. Early user feedback suggested this was a much desired feature, as many users aren’t familiar with the Markdown syntax.

MuzHack Presentation at Notam

So I gave the first presentation ever on MuzHack today, at the Norwegian sound research centre Notam. Feedback was positive and I got lots of great leads on who I should connect with further, and elsewhere I might present, both nationally and internationally. Another presentation elsewhere in Norway might be in the works, later this […]

Using Papertrail from Docker/Tutum

In my search for a comprehensive logging solution for MuzHack that works in a Dockerized environment, more specifically Tutum, I came across Papertrail. Papertrail is a fairly simple Web application for log aggregation, that receives log data over the Internet through the syslog protocol. As a registered user of Papertrail, you receive a syslog address […]

MuzHack Has a Forum

I have just started a forum for MuzHack, based on the amazing Discourse. Stay tuned for useful content.